The Stimorol Play Park

BW Build can design and build wonderful and exciting set pieces to suit the needs of any marketing campaign or roadshow.  One of these builds was The Stimoral Play Park in which we made use of the iconic Stimorol triangle to design and build a weird and wonderful play park.  This play park allowed people to engage with the brand in a fun and memorable way by basing its design solely on the use of the Stimorol triangle.  The Stimoral Play Park consisted of items such as a Fun Swing, Fun Seesaw, Giant Hamster Wheel and Giant Music Triangles.  It also boasted ribbon pergola seating along with day light screens and a central art piece. The playground was complimented with astro turf and colourful road markings and signs that were carefully brought into the design to tie in with the Stimoral marketing campaign.

This project allowed BW Build to design and build an exciting set piece to showcase our building genius. You can trust BW Build to design and build any set piece that you envision for your marketing or roadshow campaign. We are transparent in our thinking and open to new ideas. We are never afraid to lead and let others follow. Our Design Process involves different design, better thinking and superior design solutions. Our team works hard to become part of your ecosystem to think like you think to create exactly what your mind envisions. Every project is treated as our only project which allows us to give it more than 100% of our attention and deliver results while exceed perception while at the same time solve future problems that have yet to be presented. We Synergise, Energise Dream Design, Trial, Test, Build and Bring your idea to life 

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