The Durex Marketing Roadshow Trailer

BW build was asked to build a trailer to celebrate World Aids Day 2019 for Durex.  This project made use of a 4-meter trailer that could extend up to 6 meters long to imitate a condom. Durex were quoted an extravagant amount from another supplier and thereafter decided to approach BW Build for a more affordable rate.  BW Build successfully used green-house material on the entire bus so as to bring down the cost of the modification on the trailer significantly. People were able to go inside and outside of the make-shift condom to take their pictures and spectacular lighting was added for night picture taking.  This modification took BW Build only two and half weeks to do and proved to be a very successful campaign in which Durex managed to get over a million pledges to promote safe sex in South Africa.

BW build does not only build from scratch, we also modify existing transport vehicles to suit your specifications and marketing needs in the most affordable way possible.  You can trust BW Build to modify any existing vehicle that you envision for your marketing or roadshow campaign. We are transparent in our thinking and open to new ideas. We are never afraid to lead and let others follow. Our Design Process involves different design, better thinking and superior design and modification solutions. Our team works hard to become part of your ecosystem to think like you think to create exactly what your mind envisions. Every project is treated as our only project which allows us to give it more than 100% of our attention and deliver results while exceed perception while at the same time solve future problems that have yet to be presented. We Synergise, Energise Dream Design, Trial, Test, Modify and Bring your ideas to life

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