Services (What We Offer)

The benefits for your brand in owning an experiential vehicle:

•It acts as a constant marketing and advertising tool for your brand.

•Being mobile allows you to plug your vehicle into other brand campaigns, activations, event executions and can be a stand-alone experience if needed.

•It provides consumers with an unique memorable way of experiencing something that could have been just ordinary, i.e. A different way of being transported or a different and unique bar…

•Having an owned asset, eventually leads to brand associations with the vehicle in consumers hearts and minds.

•A experiential vehicle can be turned on and activated quite quickly.

Our shop fitting & manufacturing services include:

•Conceptualization & design

•Produce bespoke experiential vehicles, busses, trucks & trailers suited to your needs

•Production management of build

•Vehicle customization and branding

•Installation of audio, video, lighting and other electronic hardware

•Branding & signage

•Customized  props & branded touch-point mechanics aligned to your brand’s strategy Fabrication and custom-builds

  Fabrication and custom-builds