How to convert a Bus into an Experiential vehicle

ABSA Bus Build -Aka Rekaofela

·      We were asked to design and create a custom experiential Bus. This is being used to transport Absa’s most prestige customers, too and from events, For 40-45 people

·      We did the complete design.

·      We did research and found a double decker bus, which is in great working condition.

·      We first stripped all the seats, carpets and walls not forgetting to fumigate the double decker bus – after seeing all the creepy crawly’s inside – Never travelling on any bus without spray after this experience

·      We designed new chairs made to client’s specs.

·      We reupholstered the entire bus in Absa’s colors.

·      We created a cozy tv lounge downstairs.

·      We created a bar area for where drinks would be served from.

·      We repaired and upgrade existing aircon unit.

Technical point of view

·      We added cellphone charges and PlayStation’s at each chair for convenience to the passengers. What is a bus ride without gaming?

·      Eight screens were installed to run a bespoke quiz, (Our sister company bw digital wrote the quiz)

·      2 x fridges for Bar Area a Complete sound system with a dj station to supply music.

·      1 x inverter system with batteries to power fridges and sound system.

·      We repaired and upgrade the bathroom(toilet) adding hand basin and towel rail.

·      In essence Custom rebuild a Double decker bus from scratch, with only the best experience to be held while traveling to events.

·      The final part of the design work – Branding the entire bus with vinyl and contra vision for windows.

·      Over 20 people worked on the bus, including carpenters, upholsterers, electronation, steelworker and vinyl applicator.

·      We project managed the entire process for the Client on behalf of Absa.

·      Build time: 10 weeks.

·      Favorite part of the build: The bespoke app and sound system, with PlayStation on bus.

·      Least favorite part of build: Timing…. timing was very short.

·      Interesting fact: We actually have built three Absa buses.

Watch a video with bus in action:

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