How to build a Gig Rig?

BW Build works hard to Dream, Assess, Create, Design, Test, lift off and Fly with our unmatched development expertise that aim to build and design solutions for the problems that others are unable to solve. The Gig Rig has been successfully designed and built for many other businesses such as ABMbev, ABI and Coca Cola to market their products. We endeavor to cater to all of our clients’ needs so as to deliver an unprecedented level of client satisfaction when it comes to the design and build of your Gig Rig!

Here are some questions to ask yourself once you have decided to get a Gig Rig designed and built for your business:


Step one: How Big does Your Gig Rig Need to Be?

  • Do you need a DJ Booth?
  • Do you require DJ’s and back up dancers?
  • Do you require adequate spacing for a full band?
  • These questions will help you to determine the size of the build that you need.

Step 2: Amount of People and Sound Needed

  • How many people do you want to cater for with your Gig Rig?
  • In what environment are you going to be using your promotional Gig Rig?
  • Are you going to opt for normal sound or Line ray sound?
  • Remember that the type of sound that you would like will greatly determine the size of the rig that you are going to need.

Step 3: Flat Bed or Trailer

  • Decide if you want your Gig Rig to be a self-propelled flat bed or a trailer.

Step 4: Type of Power Needed

  • Decide what type of power you would like to run on your Gig Rig.
  • Will you be using Solar panels, back-up batteries, generators or will you be relying on the electricity from the venues that you are going to be visiting?

Step 5: Consult with BW Build

  • Once you have decided on what your vision is then it is time to take your idea to BW build and consult with them until you are happy with the overall design. You are now ready to let BW Build start building the Gig Rig that you envision! The build-time on a Gig Rig is approximately 16 weeks.

You can trust BW Build to design and build any design that you envision for your marketing or roadshow campaign. We are transparent in our thinking and open to new ideas. We are never afraid to lead and let others follow. Our Design Process involves different design, better thinking and superior design solutions. Our team works hard to become part of your ecosystem to think like you think to create exactly what your mind envisions. Every project is treated as our only project which allows us to give it more than 100% of our attention to deliver fantastic results while exceeding perception and solving future problems that have yet to be presented. We Synergise, Energise Dream Design, Trial, Test, Build and Bring your idea to life 

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