Castlelite single ice bars to Ice City

Castlelite single ice bars to Ice city with lots of containers.

The ask was to design and build an ice bar that would bring to life Castlelite extra cold prosation.

The first unit built was a 40ft abnormal container, the second one we built, we used a normal width 40ft container to save the brand money to transport around trhe country. 

The fist two unit’s built were single 40 foot containers.

We had to design and insulate containers and fit them with chillers or freezing units to take the temperate down to -16 degrees.

The ice bars consisted of a premium bar. With a wall of beer. Ice glasses to drink your beer from.

Complete insulted flooring and roof system installed.

With lots led electronic lighting, and sound system installed

Oxygen bar with mint flavor to clear the sinuses before the beer was drunk.

CO2 guns installed in roof, to spray customers and drop their core temperature.

Sent machine also installed to give ice bar a fresh minty smell.


In 2018, we were commissioned to build an entire ice bar city

See link :

The Ice City was made up of 40ft Entrance container tunnel, Three retail 20ft containers and three 40″ containers for the Ice Bar section.

Ice bar was three times in size, one container alone was used as a anti-room and oxygen bar

Before you were alowed into the ice bar.

Three retail containers were built to show off – sneakers, clothing and music.

New ice bar had complete dance floor and dj box inside. With working draught taps for beer.

This ice was toured around S.A – CT, Durban and Johannesburg.

Build time: 20 Weeks

Interesting facts: over 20 tons of ice was used. And a generate over 100kva 3 phase was used to power the ice bar city.

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