Castle lite Experiential Trucks

Castle lite – taken to the next level

  • The original idea was from Ogilvy, what would a castlelite fire truck look like?
  • The Castlelite brand has always been an Innovative Brand.
  • We had built a couple of castlelite ice bars (12m containers 40ft) but these proved to be expensive to transport around and setup.
  • We sat with Castlelite brand team and came up with the world’s first features never seen on any Experiential vehicle.

These features include: 

  • Chill blaster (using CO2 gas under high pressure this unit could makes a beer ice cold in seconds)
  • BW digital) wrote a dance game, with a custom vending machine that dispensed beers for the best dancers.
  • We installed draught taps on the vehicle with frozen fonts(taps) using glycol.
  • A full fridge area that could hold and chill over 30 cases of beer.
  • A custom Ice- machine
  • A customer data collection system.
  • WIFI with iPad interaction, the whole truck could has controlled using the iPad (lights and sirens)
  • Installed two snow cannons
  • A Complete DJ box with sound system.
  • Lastly full body wrap.

Check out this link:

The Design Process:

  • Absolutely intense and challenging time frame to build over 8 trucks.

Two for south Africa, 6 for other African countries including Mozambique, Zambia etc

  • Each castlelite truck was built on a different truck chassis, which meant we had to modify and rebuild each truck for each Chassis.
  • Favourite part of the build: It felt like a piece of art was being built.
  • Least favourite part of build: Had to make sure everything worked and fitted perfectly like a puzzle as there were lots of moving pieces to go wrong.
  • Interesting fact: we won a Lourie award from ABinbev for these trucks.
  • From Design to build, over 30 people worked on project.                                         
  • Build time: 16 weeks from order.

Truck bult for S.A.B North Region.

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